Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kilkenny Cats 7" (1984, Coyote)

Damn, I like this way the hell more than their Hands Down album, which I shared a couple years back.  In that entry I remember making a comparison to REM, a no-name band from Athens, GA, which is also where the Kilkenny Cats were based.  "Attractive Figure" saunters along a trajectory none-too-dissimilar from the Feelies, albeit with meaner guitars.  The flip, "Of Talk" is even more engaging suggesting that the Cats were informed of what their west coast contemporaries the Dream Syndicate had been up to.  Ultimately, the band may be best remembered for their appearance in the 1987 Athens, GA Inside/Out rockumentary.  Not a bad way to be immortalized if you ask me.

A. Attractive Figure
B. Of Talk


Shinsano said...

Didn't read your comment until after i'd listened to both a few times, but it's spot on. The 7" arguably features both the band's best songs.

AllieReadsBooks said...

Never thought I'd hear this single again. Back before all the X and the body-building, these guys were just a bunch of kids living in a house making great songs, like the Monkees on TV.

The Contrarian said...

Hey thanks for posting this. I still have the 7" somewhere in my house. The Killkenny Cats have gone down in history as the first rock band I ever saw play live after I got my drivers license in 1987. I saw them open for Dumptruck at Maxwell's in Hoboken that year.